All In the Name of Science

My daughter Buck Wheat doesn’t sleep. Well, not at night anyway!

She generally stays up until 4 AM or so and then sleeps until the late afternoon. She graduates and moves into the big-girl world in May.....she’s in for a rude awakening (you catch that quality pun-work there)?

Normally my daughter’s sleeping habits are not my concern. But last week on her way home from Columbus she met me in DC for a few days for some time with family and friends.

And it was that first night in the hotel in DC that HER inability to sleep became MY problem!

Keeping the Buck up this night were her immediate post-graduation plans. She saved five-years of babysitting money with the intention of traveling the world after graduation.

And I was going to hear about all her plans: TONIGHT!

She tells me she’s going to start her post-graduation travels in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji and the Philippines!

The Philippines?

(I had to ask!)

“Do you know ANYTHING about the Philippines?

“Yeah, I looked at the globe and it's in the middle of the Pacific so it must be beautiful"

"I'm certain that it is!"