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Because It Was There! Already, you should be thinking: “Why am I hearing from Mark on a Sunday?

Well, I’m tired of Buck Wheat having all the fun!

With the Allpro show ending last night, Guy and I were supposed to be leaving this morning for vacation. We were going to stay here in Texas and catch some music in Austin, ride some horses on a ranch in the Hill Country, cruise the hills on atv’s and a few other cool Texas things involving steaks and bbq!

With fears the Coronavirus on our minds, Guy decided not to join me at Allpro and we cancelled the rest of the trip. I say we but it was Guy who made that decision.

Making her the smarter one!

But that still leaves me in Texas with 8 extra pairs of socks and underwear, a few Cuban cigars and a calendar that was cleared by a cancelled vacation!

An opportunity for an adventure if I’ve ever seen one!

So, despite my desire to see my lover back in Stamford after 5-days away I cancelled my flight and I’m renting a car and driving home!

And I’m going to tell you all about my adventures as I go. Once a day, here! With pictures below of course and here’s the cool part:

Each day on my 1853 mile adventure I’m going to find a local independent paint dealer along my route, go in and introduce myself and share something about them with you.

That’s my plan at least.

It’s also my plan to share some pics along the way via Instagram. If you want to see those, follow me on Instagram at mdlipton!

So that’s my plan and why you’re hearing from me on a Sunday. I’m curious to see how many of you will read along.....I’ve never done anything like this!

Anyway, 1853 miles and they’re all in front of me so it’s time to get on the road! I’ll speak to you again tomorrow morning with news of my paint travels!


PS Anyone who knows me.....of COURSE a Beemer! It’s a long freaking ride!


Safe travels see you in South Bend someday!


Safe travels Mark. Great to catch up these last few day's. Doesn't look like Michigan is on the way but if your ever in town be sure to look us up.

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