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Go South Young Man!

Guy has been back to working from home this week. When her boss heard that she had been to Florida, where Covid-19 has become the drink of choice, they sent her home for a two-week quarantine.

Just another reason to love THE Sunshine state!

Yet back I go!

Since a week after my father’s passing on June 15th, my mother has been staying with my nephew Andrew and his fiancée Erica, at their house in Orlando, FL. Like me and Guy, they’ve been engaged for a long while and so I guess that means that Lipton men are better at making promises than keeping them! Which of course is a joke but what’s not a joke is that it’s time for mom to go home. Or so she keeps insisting!

Independence is not just reserved for paint dealers it seems!

So, on the road I go!

Florida is in the middle of a significant spike in Covid cases because the heat is not enough of a burden! So flying is out! Driving alone makes it a three-day drive because I learned on my 2000-mile tour of independent paint dealers and dead presidents after the Allpro show in San Antonio, that when I driving alone 6-7 hours a day is about my happy spot for hours behind the wheel. I’ll bring my drone and find a few cool spots to fly it along the way. No paint stores, though I’ve had the thought! But it’s best to limit my exposures to people.

Once mom is all set up, driving back to Stamford I’m planning on taking even longer! In New York and Connecticut right now people who come from Florida are required to quarantine for two weeks before rejoining the “general population.” The current plan is to quarantine a week with mom and then take a week to get home, keeping myself in a bubble along the way.

When I was younger, I remember my father going to Florida a few times to handle his family obligations. I cannot imagine trying to accomplish all of this if I still had responsibility for my stores! At least not without a lot more stress! While this will definitely be inconvenient and I’m sure I’ll have to pull over a few times to take notes while on calls, my work now is mobile!

No counters nor tinting stations to man.

The remainder of this week, including and my time on the road I’ll continue to focus my efforts on my e-commerce project. Job one is to get our (lone) client up and running. A nascent e-commerce business goes nowhere without a great website to point to and say “I did that!” While a week late, the site is going to be FIRE and right on budget so I’m getting excited to see it make a sale!

To make all these plans work, I had to postpone an inspection job I had going on here in New York. I’ve been working for this HOA for over five years and have known the contractor we use for over 20 and so everyone was very understanding. Still though, I don’t like making other people deal with my problems so I didn’t enjoy making that call.

I guess Dan Calkins will have to wait a few extra weeks for that big Arbocoat order I promised him a few blogs back!

It's a good thing I don't work on commission!

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