Good Or Bad, It’s All Luck!

“Luck is the residue of design.” At least that’s what the great baseball executive (and player) Branch Rickey was known to say!

This afternoon as it started to get late, I pulled over and made my hotel arrangements for the night. I’ve been booking night-by-night, not knowing how far I wanted to push my daily drive. About 80 miles west of Memphis, I open up an app and grabbed a well priced hotel in Memphis for the night; with little regard for location.

After I checked in and cleaned up a bit, I went out to grab some food. Obviously, since I’m in Memphis, barbecue was in order. I googled “Best BBQ Memphis” and found Central BBQ to be rated the city’s best: it was 150 feet out of my hotel’s front door!

And just a short walk from a cigar lounge!!

I hate to disagree with the Hall of Famer Mr. Rickey, but since I hadn’t planned or researched my hotel choice, for me it was “better to be lucky than good!”

At least today!

Back on Route 30 North this morning I decided to stop at the birthplace of President William Clinton, in Hope Arkansas. From there I went to Little Rock and visited the Clinton Presidential Library.

I’ve always been a presidential geek and amateur historian. To me, any president of any party is of interest and Clinton is no different. I think I mentioned the other day that I’ve visited 15 presidential birthplaces or libraries but I just checked my list and Clinton is number 19!!

Twenty if you count my visit to the Starbucks in Trump Tower!

Almost halfway there!