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Hail to the Chiefs!

If you have been following my blog for more than just a little while, you may know that I’m a presidential geek!

More than just a generic “history buff,” I have a life-long interest in the lives of the now 46 people who have served as our nation’s chief executive.

So over-the-top is my POTUS-geek, that not only do I make it my business to visit the birthplaces, memorials, libraries and other monuments to the 46 people who have served our country from a seat at THE Resolute Desk, but also so I don’t lose track, I keep a list of the one’s I’ve visited!

Considering the nature of politics in this country at the moment I wouldn’t blame you if you were thinking, “Oh no! Mark is going to talk politics!”

But I’m not! And never will here, so have no fear.

My interests in our presidents is more historical than political. My curiosity is for the paths their lives took which led them to be president. One! Out of 330,000,000 Americans.


Over the course of their terms in office, presidents will utter an uncounted volume of words. Responding to crises, threats, politics or opportunities, the United States President must speak to the agenda of the day.

But, in their inaugural addresses they are the topic, making their words uniquely their own.

At 68-years old, On March 4, 1841 president William Henry Harrison set a record when he became the oldest person every sworn in as president; a record since eclipsed multiple times. Mr. Harrison set another record that day when he gave the longest inaugural speech in history. THAT record still stands today! At 8,445 words, Harrison's address ran 1 hour and 45 minutes!

A tough, former military-man, Harrison delivered his protracted message in a cold rain with neither coat, nor umbrella.

Thirty-one days later he was dead from pneumonia. His inaugural address lasting nearly as long as his term in office!

The shortest inaugural in our country’s history was given by George Washington. THE father of our country cut his second inaugural address at just 135 words!

As he climbed the dais to address the crowd which had gathered in Philadelphia (the country’s capital at the time) he was heard saying to his wife Martha, “Hold my horse Martha, I won’t be long!”

All of which means that it took me 300 more words to tell you that I took yesterday off to watch the pomp and circumstance than it took George Washington to tell the fledgling nation what he had in-store for the coming four-years!

If you came for the talk of paint, e-commerce and Buck Wheat, you’ll have to wait till Monday!


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