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Happy Father'$ Day!

My 25-year-old daughter Miranda, the former Buck Wheat and only remaining reason for a Lipton Father’s Day celebration, invited me to join her for a weekend-long party in Boston, Massachusetts.

All expenses un-paid! By her at-least!

Worth THE Listen!

Fame found Irish-born singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy while busking on the streets of Dublin. Dermot's break coming when an Irish folk singer happened upon the lad and invited Kennedy to be his opening act at an upcoming show.

Now touring under his own banner, Dermot Kennedy’s show is an energetic blend of rock, hip-hop and folk music. His voice and guitar used as violent foils for the tender reflections of the artist’s lyrics which infuse his repertoire of love songs.

Supported by a five-piece band which was never featured, Kennedy put himself and his lyrics in the spotlight Saturday night at Boston’s ’s MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

And the kid hit it out of the park!

Hearing Kennedy’s for the first time it was impossible not to notice the power of his pen; the words of Kennedy’s 2019 debut hit “Outnumbered” familiar to every father who has ever sworn THE parental vow!

THE concert and pre-show dinner allowed by a rainout at the weekend's main event!

Better weather on Father's Day allowed the greatest rivalry in sports to go on as the New York Yankees took the field at Fenway Park to play the Boston Red Sox for the 2,323rd time in the teams' history.

THE game also permitted an opportunity to meet the family of Miranda's insignificant other; their attire so humiliating I had to hide their faces!

Search the name Benjamin Moore using the “collectibles” filter on eBay and you'll find the cans, color charts, caps and tee-shirts of the company's 140-year history. Most of the items are just one paint dealer’s trash, though one recent search proved an axiom!

That my family might have contributed to the sales underlying this award was enough to warrant further investigation; I sent pictures of my acquisition to several veterans of the Eastern District, enquiring of the item’s history.

Most shared that Benjamin Moore would have given out dozens of President's Awards that year, making provenance difficult to establish.

Though my investigation continues!


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