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He Proved it All night!

Updated: Apr 17

On September 16th of 2022 rock-n-roll icon Bruce Springsteen was scheduled to play a concert at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Casino

THE performance in Mohegan’s 10,000 seat Sun Arena would have been a rare treat for Springsteen fans, who are more accustomed to seeing the Boss perform in larger arenas and even stadiums.

Which he readily fills!

But a case of Covid caused Springsteen to postpone the show, which was later rescheduled to a date in March of 2023.  Come March though THE show was postponed again, this time due symptoms of peptic ulcer disease.

Because rock stars age too!

THE seemingly snake-bitten concert was again rescheduled, this time for April 12th of 2024.

By the day of the show demand to see Bruce at the tour’s smallest venue drove ticket prices for the on secondary markets to stratospheric levels! 

High enough that it seemed irresponsible not to discuss selling our tickets and instead use the money to pay the rent. 

Likely for several months!

But as we took our seats less than 40-feet from the stage any remaining guilt was assuaged. Those pre-show moments overlooking Bruce’s guitar tuning station among the only we’d spend seated for the remainder of the night!

On Tuesday I posted episode five of my six-part podcast series Charles Gassenheimer’s Lies, the last episode in which we hear from Gassenheimer himself so going forward–he’ll have to lie to someone else. 

Which I’m confident he’ll continue to do.

I also posted THE original recording made with Gassenheimer in February of 2023, which was intended to begin my two-year relationship with Gassenheimer and Kelly-Moore.

But unlike the podcasts, in this video Gassenheimer’s words are presented without edit nor interruption, sans two audio “beeps” to give privacy to former Kelly-Moore employees not part of the story.

In real time it was during those 25-minutes that Gassenheimer morphed; from a chief executive officer savvy enough to hire me, into a villain worthy of this derision.

With no interruptions Gassenheimer’s depravity finds both its momentum and the spotlight as the final 15-minutes devolves into a vomit of boasts and lies from the mouth of the least ethical executive my professional experience has allowed.   

In two weeks I’ll post the series’ epilogue, where I share my divinations for Gassenheimer and Flacks before moving on from the topic, confident I’ve made my point. 

My prognostications won’t reveal any more than should seem obvious to all: with 10 United States Senators and (at-least) one federal agency investigating these bad actors before they blew up Kelly there’s some probability of accountability for Flacks and his gang of thieves.

I’ll also share what comes next for my coverage Kelly-Moore, an unnatural disaster placed on the timeline of our industry’s history.

And now you know who caused it!



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