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It Was a Supply Chain Issue

Many independent paint dealers engage in outreach to the designer community as part of their regular marketing efforts. Local designers remaining an excellent source of direct and referral business for most dealers in THE channel.

Available for both in-person and virtual attendance, some dealers use seminars to present their products and colors to this influential segment of paint consumers and specifiers.

This six-store Benjamin Moore dealer committing a page on their website to explain to designers what participants can expect to learn at an upcoming presentation.

The dealer’s Instagram page explaining why the March 3, 2022 presentation will have to be cancelled.

Though no such explanation was needed.

Is Everything Politics?

Recently I received a call from a friend who informed me that an episode of my podcast had ruffled the feathers of a small group of dealers we mutually know. My friend sharing that a guest on my show shared some words these dealers felt were best left unshared. The episode possibly angering some paint executives and dealers alike.

And while I don’t normally think of my podcasts as the more provocative of the content I put out, I’ll take the compliment!

Of course, I’m not in charge of what a guest says on my show. And I rarely have knowledge of their paint-related politics.

Like Republican, Democrats, Whigs and Federalists, independent paint dealers cover the full range of a “political” spectrum. THE party lines formed by the experience in business each dealer is having.

For example if the question is, “What’s the best ways for manufacturers to support their dealers?” would a 25-store and single-store operator likely agree on the answer?

Those “political” differences, amongst other differences which segment the channel making it likely that if you take in enough of my content, you’re going to hear something likely to bristle.

But don’t shoot the messenger!

The guests on my podcast are speaking for themselves and are prepared in advance for the conversation we have. After a prep call, each guest receives episode notes making them aware of the main topics we plan to discuss and any follow-up questions I am likely to ask.

Because recording a conversation with an unprepared guest rarely creates good content.

The guests after-recording consent the last step before I edit and publish an episode.

And guest do take advantage of the opportunity to control their message to dealers by asking me not to publish an episode! Those wondering why I didn’t have a podcast for you last week; for the third time in a month of recording a guest requested I not publish a completed episode. Leaving me without a fully prepared episode to release.

Podcasters have supply chain issues too!

As a podcaster I’m agnostic on any industry politics as I select my guests and write the episode notes. My only requirement to be a guest on my show is my belief that a guest will be interesting content to a significant segment of dealers.

Not all of them!

So if you hear something from a guest on one of my podcasts and you want to be angry at them for the words they chose, go ahead and be angry!

But your beef is with them, not me.

You don’t beat up the microphone because you don’t like the singer!


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