Lipton's Can Cook!

Lipton’s can cook!

I’m a pretty handy guy around the kitchen-especially during a pandemic! I work from home so I have the time to do most of the shopping, and the cooking as well! When the pandemic hit, I (finally) bought my first cast iron skillet and after a proper seasoning-have been giving it a workout.

Good to know something in this house is getting a workout!

Here’s a picture of the pork roast you missed. Leftovers were gone in a day so you’re going to have to take my word for it; it tasted as good as it looks! Especially with my homemade apple sauce!

My sister Marci is even better in the kitchen than I am! Whether it’s her standing rib roast or penne a la vodka, it’s best to show up at Marci’s house hungry.

But despite the cooks we’ve got on-hand, since we got to Florida to help my father get through his health crisis, we’ve been leaving the cooking to others and doing takeout: One less thing to worry about, in a time filled with great worry.

Everything was going just fine; Chinese, pizza, hoagies. Until mom announced that she had had enough junk food and was going to cook us all dinner.

My eyes met my sister’s and using our “sibling superpowers” we read each other’s thoughts:


“But Mark, I thought you said Lipton’s can cook?”

I did! My mother is a Gersh!

Out of respect for my mother, I won’t spend the rest of this blog telling you about the time my sister asked “mom, are there hot dogs in this meatloaf?” As a kid, I looked forward to my parents enjoying a “date night!” because it meant I got to eat Chef Boyardee or a Swanson’s frozen TV dinner.