Putting My Feet Up

If there was one thing I learned growing up in my mother's house, it was that she'll never get bored with telling her children how to live their lives.

A lesson "Ma" recently reinforced!

Getting right to the point on day one of her planned holiday stay with me and Guy here at Hotel Lipton, my mother commented that I have put on a few pounds since the start of the pandemic. Suggesting that diet and exercise would solve the problem.

Thinking I could buy myself a few weeks of peace I suggested we picked up our discussions after the holidays were over.

Giving her an opportunity to point out my problems with procrastination!

Time Out

For the second time in as many years since selling my two New York City paint stores, I plan to spend the last few weeks of the year doing something I was never able to do as a retailer: put my business down.

With no inventory to count and no counter to staff, my plan is to put down my work through the remainder of the earth's trip around the sun.

I’ll continue to record podcasts; the conversations so enjoyable that I hardly consider time spent recording them work! And I’ll keep blogging to you here.

Because the pen is mightier than the therapist!

THE Buck Stopped Here

Sticking my head through the doorway of her bedroom for the first time since she moved into her new house on October 1st, I was impressed with how neat Buck Wheat kept her room.

Buck Wheat of course is my now 23-year-old daughter who had different habits when we shared a roof.

“This one is my room.” She said. As she pointed to a door across the hall from where I stood.

To a room more in-line with my expectations.