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Something to Talk About

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Last week American musician Bonnie Raitt won three Grammy Awards for performances on her recently released “Just Like That” album.

THE rock icon taking home the Gramophone for Best Americana Performance, Best American Roots Song and the coveted Song of the Year Grammy which she received for THE album’s self-penned title song.

“Just Like That” is the story of how quickly life can change; as it did for a mother still suffering the angst of her son’s passing decades earlier and the guilt of her responsibility.

If I Hadn’t Looked Away

As the song begins it seems that even Raitt, one of the great songwriters in rock and roll’s history, will be unable to relieve this mother of her infinite and interminable pain.

But with a chance meeting with the boy (now man) the mother donated her dying son’s heart to more than 20-years earlier, Raitt offers the woman a momentary respite from her life's torture.

Showing mercy, Raitt allows the mother to be with her son one last time. Laying her head upon the stranger's chest–to feel all which remains of her son's life. The darkness the mother "never thought would end," finally did.

And just like that, Bonnie Raitt was a three-time Grammy winner.

Raitt’s Song of the Year win left fans of Taylor Swift whose “All Too Well” had also been nominated, piqued.

But for the legendary Raitt, the Grammy triple play was nothing new. Raitt's 1989 album “Nick of Time” also won the slide-guitar hero Grammys for Album of the Year, Best Female Rock Vocal and Best Female Pop Vocal.

Raitt's magnum opus.

One of the 1001 albums you must hear before you die, “Nick of Time” was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the National Recording Registry for being, "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

Something to Talk About

On my podcast this week I share my reporting on recent earnings announcements from Sherwin-William, PPG and RPM; THE nation’s three largest paint manufacturers.

Beyond the EBITDA, COGS and SG&A all three announcements included forecasts for the 2023 coatings market which were agreeably dire.

In the eight-minute episode, I share what these forecasts mean to independent paint retailers, which thankfully only took me seven-minutes and 30-seconds to do.

Leaving me a few extra seconds to tell Sherwin-Williams chief executive John Morikis what I think of bullies!

Say No Moore!

THE biggest paint news of 2022 was that Kelly-Moore, one of the nation’s ten-largest paint manufacturers, had been acquired by the private equity firm the Flacks Group. And that henceforth, their line of architectural coatings would be committed to THE independent channel!

Dealers have been reaching out to me for an update ever since!

I understand the interest. Kelly-Moore is the first new paint manufacturer to commit to THE independent channel in more than 30-years!

But in the four-months since Kelly-Moore made their announcement, there’s been scant news of the company to report, beyond the typical rumors and conspiracy theories common after an acquisition.

But dealers waiting for an update on Kelly-Moore won’t have to wait much longer, because last week I recorded a podcast with the company's new CEO Charles Gassenheimer.

To build suspense what Charles told me will stay a secret, until I release the episode on March 2nd.

But I’ll tell you what I asked him!

Look for THE episode March 2nd!


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