Will the Crying Ever Stop?

I dropped my daughter Buck Wheat off at the airport this morning. She was heading back to school for finals and the last few weeks of her penultimate semester at Ohio State.

I will never forget the first time I dropped her off in Columbus, freshman year. She cried and held me, fulfilling a parent’s dream to be needed! As it turns out, she was ready; she just didn't know it yet! We decided I’d leave right after lunch and instead we sat in the car in the parking lot while she cried.


There’s still a lot of crying when we part; only now its daddy shedding the tears! Usually while I’m in the car pulling away, after she high-fives me at the curb.

It’s actually not that hard to make me cry: I’m prone to emotional outbursts. But the truth is that I never really got used to the idea of her living 500 miles away or going weeks without seeing her and so a few tears as I drive away are to be expected.

The good news though I’ve stopped crying from the stress and efforts relating to my transition from being an independent retailer to being a ward of the (corporate) state. My stores are sold and while I’m still spending a few hours a week on the needs of my former business, I’m down to one office, and it’s in Montvale, NJ.

The fun has started!

Tomorrow will be the first day of my third week and I feel like I’m already making progress. At the very least, I’m not getting lost walking around the office anymore!

My top priority for the coming months is to create tools and content that will help Benjamin Moore communicate with their retailers and visa-versa! Much of that work will be published on various social media sites that you all have in your pockets: You may be reading this blog on one of them?

In addition to creating content, I’m spending a fair amount of working on where we will host all of this content. At the moment, there is not a Benjamin Moore “asset” established to do the job. I’m curious how that particular conversation ends because ultimately we are deciding how these projects will look and feel from a creative point of view. It’s a topic of great interest to me: it’s the canvas I’m painting on.

More about that in a moment.