History of Tremont Paint

Esther and Isaac 1900 ish.jpeg

Esther and Isaac circa 1900

In 1907, just two-years after immigrating to the United States from Russia, Esther and Isaac Lipton borrowed $500 from a collection of family members and opened a paint store on Tremont Avenue in the Bronx, New York.


With Esther working behind the counter and Isaac making deliveries using a rickshaw the couple had acquired Tremont Paint outgrew their initial location and in 1910 moved Tremont Paint to 438 Claremont Parkway where it would remain for 58-years. 

And three generations!


In those early years, Esther began buying paint from Benjamin and Robert Moore, the two-brothers were manufacturing Benjamin Moore paint in Brooklyn and distributing the young paint brand named for the older of the two brothers, throughout New York’s five boroughs.  

Esther, Isaac, Benjamin and Robert could not have known at that time that the relationship they formed over the counter of Tremont paint would keep the families connected through their businesses for more than 112-years.  


Ester and Isaac had two sons the older of which, Jack, began working behind the counter at Tremont Paint in 1925. 

In 1958 Jack was joined behind the counter by his son William.  Billy, to all who would know him.  The two men working together for a decade before Tremont Paint would cross another bridge to a new generation. 


By the late 1960’s the neighborhood around their South Bronx paint store was becoming the poster child for New York’s urban blight.  Billy, looking for a safer environment for Tremont Paint to operate in bought a North Bronx paint and decorating store called THE Blue Store.


In 1988 Billy was joined behind the counter by his son Mark, the pair working together until 1992 when Mark became the fourth generation of Lipton’s to lead Tremont Paint.

With Mark’s leadership Tremont Paint maintained its status as one of New York’s most successful independent paint dealers for an additional 30-years.  The company adding a second location in the Bronx in 1997.


In Mark, the Lipton family had birthed its last paint dealer.  With none of the great-great-grandchildren of Ester and Isaac Lipton having interest in operating the stores, in October of  2019 Tremont Paint was sold thus ending the company’s 112-year history as an independently owned retailer of paint.   

Jack Lipton


William Lipton

Jack 1965 ish.jpeg