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Buck Wheat is Safe

That title telling you everything you need to know about the last few weeks of my life.

Over the course of this June, it has not been everyday that I have been able to make that statement with much confidence.

Buck Wheat if course is my daughter, Miranda Dorothy Lipton.

The Buck placed her trust in a man who was not worthy of that honor. In doing so Buck put herself in harms way while simultaneously shoving her family into two-week long typhoon of events and emotions. The ending of which would only come after my daughter decided to do the only thing which made sense in the chaos she had observed.

She trusted her father.

After a six-hour stand-off with the force who was determined to end my smile.

Like many of my life’s experiences, I plan to share the details of this one with you. But it is not yet that time.

The fear which has now subsided, has morphed into a foggy confusion concerning the events surrounding our family's near-collision with a tragic destiny. It will take me some time to fathom the totality of the events before I am able to write them down to share with you all.

As I write this for you the eve of Father’s Day, one of two-days each year when parenting is celebrated, it is not just my daughter but another father who is on my mind.

The six-hour stand-off which ended my fight with force looking to harm my daughter, ended itself– when a girl no older than Miranda stepped into a storm and made a difference in the lives of other souls.

Exposing a humanity which can only be explained by the presence in her life of her own loving parents.

Her actions reminding me of this quote from the French philosopher, theologian and Nobel Prize winner, Albert Schweitzer:

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”


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