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Easy Money!

In an early August blog I mentioned a consulting job which has me working for an international manufacturer of paint applicators and sundries. THE company seeking to better understand the independent paint retailer channel as they consider an investment in North American operations.

THE engagement’s finale has me to hosting a focus group in October, the format one which will allow my client to gather the assembled dealer’s initial impressions of their products.

The engagement's penultimate task was to ensure that the group's demographics reflected diversity of THE independent channel, spanning small to medium and large chain paint retailers as well as hardware and other paint retailers across the United States and Canada.

And while THE August blog contained a link for dealers interested in participating, I had planned a larger outreach to put dealer fannies in the seats!

THE Demographic

My plan for the outreach was to begin with THE dealers in my contacts expanding the effort were my contacts to prove insufficient.

Which sans a few targeted sub-demographics, they did not!

Previous to this effort, I had never considered how many paint retailers I maintained in my contacts, nor how many storefronts they represented.

It was only this project which allowed the thought. Or paid me to make the calculations.

But I'm already considering raising my rates!

Locations: 1800

Aggregated Revenue: $3.2 billion (est)

A last-minute opportunity for face-to-face meetings with my client conspired with the distance to their headquarters to leave little time for writing this week. I’ll be back with a full blog next week.


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