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I'm Going to be Vegan, Until Breakfast

Most writers have at least some fear of the blank page. If Ernest Hemingway had to look at the flashing cursor in the upper left-hand corner of a Word doc, he might have started drinking before noon!

Of course, Hemingway didn’t have Buck Wheat!

Buck makes writer’s block obsolete!

Last night while I was stinking up the patio with a cigar, Buck explained her views on transitioning from being just a vegetarian, to being a vegan. Apparently, it’s a big commitment: butter, milk, eggs and honey, long on her list of favorites, would all have to go. But Buck thinks she’s ready to make that commitment and start her new vegan ways.

Right after she finishes the last of Guy’s meatballs!

Which she was eating during the entire conversation!

What she lacks in willpower Buck makes up for in good taste. When referring to her (absolutely fantastic) authentic Italian meatballs, Guy has always joker, “even vegan’s love them!” I'm not sure if Buck's gluttony in front of a plate of them proves that point though? The way Buck sees it, she IS a vegan. Just one who enjoys meat, cheese and butter. A new brand of vegan!

I don’t try to understand this house!

Each blog I post generally gets some sort of response from readers. My favorite one this week was an email I received from a dealer in my (new) home state of Connecticut. After reading my last blog about an inspection job using Arbor Coat and 094 primer, he cautioned me that 094 is only available in quarts due to VOC regulations.

I love paint geeks!

Deep down, I am really just a paint geek too and I immediately felt connected! The writing, consulting and e-commerce is just to keep me busy while waiting for another chance to paint-geek out!

But his email reminded me how many of you are following along. Whether it’s to hear of the insanity which is my family or just to geek out paint with me, I appreciate you reading.

Having a voice in our industry is an honor which I try to treat with great care. Knowing that that voice was born in words I strung together would be a thrill for any writer.

But it is your reading, which turns my words into my voice! Buck might say something like "a writer without a reader is like a vegan without a meatball!" Or something equally perplexing. Speaking for myself though: as always, I thank you for reading. I appreciate you following along and am touched that you find value (and hopefully some humor) in my words.

And for those who are every bit as paint-geeky as me: The inspection job is in New York.

Where I can get all the 094 primer I want!

I am really excited to share my next few podcasts with you. My guest toda‘a episode is Scott Loller. Scott is a coach and consultant who teaches painting contractors how to grow, operate efficiently and successfully manage their small businesses. Scott does some cool work in supporting the other independent businesses with whom we share this space.

The connection between independent paint retailers and painting contractors, particularly the residential repaint contractor, continues to be the economic engine behind our communal success as retailers. While the boxes and chains continue to try and erode our share in this space, painters continue to show their preferences for our brands and style of service and attention.

As the current group of painters, who helped push independent retailers toward success, retire and are replaced by younger painters, can we all be so sure that their allegiances will be so steadfast? Research is showing that this market segment is even more interested in e-commerce than the DIY segment and that makes sense. The amount of time, and therefore money, they spend ordering, receiving, managing and paying for the products from our shelves dwarfs that of our DIY consumers.

Time saved ordering online, is money to a painter!

But beyond the ordering process, paint dealers need to understand and then respond to the needs of the professional painter. Which is why I thought that Scott would make such an interesting episode.

And he did!

So give a listen here on my site, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Blubrry or Apple. Like, subscribe or even better just shoot me a text or email and tell me what you think.


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