Independents Day

A summer night in the Bronx has a unique vibe.

But it’s the smell you notice first!

Looking to avoid the crowded trains and required mask-wearing from Stamford to the Bronx, I eschewed my normal train ride and drove to Yankee Stadium for the first time in two-seasons.

Rarely do I get to play with two of my addictions, driving and cigar smoking, at the same time. The smell in the car the next day (week!) hardly worth the thrill. Also, I rarely drive further than the grocery store alone. And I want my fiancee Gaetana to smell better than my ashtray!

Contemplating my hour-long and likely top-down post-game drive home, I slipped a cigar and lighter into the cup holder of the Jeep and pointed the four-wheeler south. The last time I was in the Stadium in October of 2019, I was an independent paint dealer. Who had never heard the word Covid.

Parking at 164th Street and Sheridan Avenue, because Bronx knows where to park on game-day without paying, I cut through Joyce Kilmer Park and strolled the final steps of my return to the ballpark.

The heat of the day more familiar to an August afternoon, than to June’s last night.

Driving also made another treat possible. I left 30-minutes early to allow time for a trip to the Court Deli. For Bronx’s second-best pastrami sandwich and a potato knish!

A significant upgrade over the ordinary Yankee Stadium fare. And it’s the Bronx! So there’s no need to remind them to overstuff your sandwich!

Late last week the first site using version two site of THE Revolution, my web and e-commerce site for independent paint dealers, went “live.”

Aucutt’s Paint in Clovis, New Mexico is owned by Tisha Brothers.