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"Pajamas Have Bottoms?"

Is something to think about, the next time you ask me to join a Zoom at 8:30 AM!

To allow for the time difference between Stamford, CT and Jaipur, India, where most of the development team is located, I was asked if we could move THE Revolution’s thrice-weekly “stand-up” meetings from 9:00 to 8:30.

That’s thirty minutes and going the way! I didn’t have the honor to tell them that even at nine, I was taking the stairs two-at-a time to make the meeting!

Through the entire pandemic I have resisted the temptation to take these meetings in bed. With a vaccine in reach, I won’t give up now.

Despite the imposition I accommodated their request. That means, that Stef and the rest of the “dev team” get to see me in my pajamas!

These days, it’s not so easy to tell the difference between my pajamas and work clothes, so I can usually pull it off! I have a strategy: shirts without stains are clothing, and shirts with stains are pajamas!

Which means Guy did wash again!

Thankfully, the dress-policy at the world headquarters of THE Revolution, where new sneakers would get talked about at the water cooler, is casual.

One thing which can get me out of my pajamas and into a clean and collared shirt is the need to make a video. I don’t mind the people who see me on a morning Zoom knowing I didn’t make it into the shower or closet yet, but videos last forever so I want to make a good impression.

With the first six sites of THE Revolution either launched or close to it, dealers will need training on using the features and functions of the sites as well as general site maintenance.


Dealers who buy a site and plan on us maintaining the database for them will still need to understand the basics of site functions. Changing a price or fixing a typo, adding, editing and deleting products from the public site or changing pictures are all tasks dealers will want to master to keep the sites fresh and to ensure they make the margins they are looking for.

A significant goal of all my MinuteDealers is to use their sites as tools, to raise profit margins.

There will be other administrative aspects of the sites which dealers will need to understand. Adding marketing, cross-selling products, adding and moving banners, posting blogs, maintaining customer records and even basic daily functions such as generating reports are all topics I plan on covering in an instructional video series.

A Youtube Channel

In the coming weeks, as I get these videos produced and edited, I’ll be posting them on my new Youtube channel. You can see it here. Take a click over there and become my second subscriber!

I’m sorry, but the role of first subscriber has been filled.

The channel will not be just for training videos for THE Revolution. That sounds boring even to me and it’s my revolution! So I’ve got other content planned for the channel.

In-fact, I’ve already posted my first Vlog. That’s industry-speak meaning “video blog.” You can’t be an e-commerce executive unless you know how to toss around the vernacular!

The first ever episode of the “Mark, My Words-Vlogcast” is “How to Hire a Digital Agency” and features my conversation with Lori Giutarri of Visual Thrive. Visual Thrive is a boutique digital marketing firm in Providence, RI. With a business focused on helping local retailers compete and with experience doing that for independent paint dealers, Lori seemed like a great place to start!

Check it out and shoot me a text and tell me what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment.

That’s how Kim Kardashian started!


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