All That's Left is the Counting!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

I FaceTime’d with my daughter Buck Wheat for an hour yesterday. I wish she had given me notice before she called so I could have run to the bathroom! At 56, it’s not a good idea to video-chat with Buck Wheat if your bladder is full!

Buck is 22-years old now and while she didn’t have a desire to be an independent retailer, we have still been spending a lot of time on lessons of independence. Though I’m grateful to be able to help her out financially while she wraps up senior year at THE Ohio State, she pays her own bills, has her own credit card and (finally!) pays for her own clothes shopping.

And that’s the problem!

After realizing (THREE times) that credit card bills need to be paid, she has become a minimalist! “How many pairs of shoes do I need? And besides, it’s bad for the environment!”

Funny, but I don’t recall that attitude while I was footing the bill!

Lately, I’m spending a lot of time lately thinking about my new career at Benjamin Moore. Each day I’m in Montvale I am meeting new people and learning more about the company I’ve known and studied for my whole life. There’s one other guy here who previously was a dealer so he’s my new best friend!

But as much as I want to dive into the Montvale water and start swimming, I’m resisting the temptation to let it take over my thoughts.

I’ve got another job to do!

My family’s business of 112 years deserves a proper finish and I’m determined to give her one.

I’m writing this on Thursday night. It’s October 10 and on Saturday my stores will spend their last full day owned by a member of the Lipton family.

Two Days!

You’re probably reading this on Monday October 14 and while you do, we’ll be counting my bigger store, signing leases and checks and shaking hands. We already counted my smaller store and agreed on value. It’s a bit tawdry selling memories for money. I remind myself that the money is for the paint and not the history, but I’m not convincing enough.