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Always Look Forward

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

With over a dozen parks and beaches to serve the city of nearly 150,000 people, Scalzi Park is among Stamford’s finest open spaces.

With multiple ball-fields including Paul J. Cubeto Stadium, tennis courts, paved and unpaved foot paths, dedicated bike lanes, a dog park, picnic areas, multiple public restrooms and ample parking, Scalzi Park is where Stamford spends it's summer.

And its Winter

This winter, the parking lot at Scalzi plays host to one of the three drive-thru Covid-19 testing centers which serve my home: Stamford, Connecticut. THE City that Works!

In a week when we saw all three of our children, my fiancée Guy and I felt that a Covid test was in order before we took our masks off around our parents. Pulling into the Scalzi lot at 7 AM, 90-minutes before the first nostrils get wiped, there were only four other cars. Which I saw as more proof of Guy’s predilection to be unnecessarily early.

By the time our nasal secretions had hit the reagent, the line was all-day long! Which explained the porta-potties!

I’m a Narcissist-ish

It’s true that I watch and listen to recordings of myself more than most people do. Recently, I completed recording and editing a series of 13 "Revolution" training videos for my new YouTube channel. That alone is several hours of watching myself.

Which Guy likes to mock me for.

And continued to do for much of the dinner hour on Sunday. It was Buck Wheat's first night home since abandoning Stamford for Austin, TX. Two against one!

“You must love yourself” Guy said. Not for the first time.

`“You probably keep a picture of yourself in your wallet.”

Which is NOT true! I don’t carry a wallet!

When Guy and Buck are together, I’m generally the brunt of the joke. Boy against girls is never good odds. Rather than fighting back and explaining that watching videos, looking at pictures and listening to podcasts of myself, comes with the career choice. I let them have their fun.

But when Buck added, “You’re a narcissist!” I put my webbed-toes down and said that the “fun was over!”

Which as it turns out, was also not true.

Later that night joining me in the cigar lounge (aka-my garage), Buck asked why I seemed so upset at dinner. When I explained that being called a narcissist wasn’t exactly nice, she got out her phone and Googled narcissist.

Which she perhaps should have done an hour earlier!

With a new and more accurate definition in her head, and in-light of my years of good behavior I was able negotiate my narcissism down to vaingloriousness.

A misdemeanor!

One More Week

I have spent the better part of the last week eating far too well and avoiding responsibilities.

I have the same plan for this coming week.

With the first three sites of THE Revolution “in the bag” (though I’ll admit a drop late) and the next three set to go-live before the new year, the timing was right to be irresponsible. I’m still answering calls and emails, but only as needed.

I remember thinking about New Year’s Eve as a kid and wondering, “Are they celebrating the year that was? Or the one about to happen?”

In 2020, I finally got my answer. Always look forward!

Thank you all so much for the year we have spent together. I am grateful for your friendship and company. During many of the difficult hours which came to us all in 2020, I had you to share those hours with. As always, I appreciate the love and support you show me. I look forward to what 2021 will bring for us all.



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