Can I Blog That?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

If it were to turn out that chattiness is a superpower, I’m going to have to get my fiancée Gaetana a cape for Christmas!

I’ll have to get one for my mother too!

It was last week when mom showed up for a visit and you’d think that after five-days under one roof my fiancée and mother would have said all there was to say.

Which would make you wrong!

Guy feasts on my mother’s stories about what makes Mark, Mark and so I allow my mother to ramble on with her Lipton history lesson. “I remember when Mark was 12……” was the last thing I heard as I headed up to my office to write this blog.

I hope that she gets to at-least 30 before the pizza gets here. My 20’s may be difficult to relive while eating!

I Can Blog That

It’s a good conversation with loved ones if it ends with me asking, “Can I blog that?”

When I ask my daughter Buck Wheat, Guy or my mother that question the answer generally is, “yes.”


It's rarely an emphatic, "YES!"

“NO!” tends to bring more passion.

Last week during a conversation with Buck regarding her special talents to bend her neck in a way which gets her head all the way up her butt, I asked the obvious, “Can I blog this?” and Buck said “NO!”