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Dan, HIS Words-Part 2!

My new podcast with Benjamin Moore CEO Dan Calkins is now uploaded on my site here (click the podcast link in the menu bar). It should be live on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts shortly.

Dan and I discuss their recent agreement with Ace Hardware as well as the impacts it will have on their dealer network and their plans for the future.


Mark Lipton
Mark Lipton

Hey Mike. Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure I agree with you about how far reaching the effects of the Ace deal will be. But I’m fairly confident that this will work out for the vast majority of us. Of course, I’m concerned for the 115 of us in proximity.



I want to thank you for your blogs and podcasts. I feel it is a benefit to the independent channel and a healthy means of communication.

My take. Benjamin Moore is in a difficult position because of Benjamin Moore. This has been years in the making. They are now being forced to deal with the results of unintended consequences of attempting to eliminate any competitive product from their dealer network instead of focusing on their real competition. In talking with other dealers, they appear to be spending much time, energy, resources and capital to fix these problems. With the current Ace arrangement the brunt of the burden will fall on the pre-existing dealer base, regardless of their loy…

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