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Disorderly Conduct!

Updated: Jan 24

When Kelly-Moore chief executive Charles Gassenheimer announced on January 12th that his company would “cease operations and commence an orderly, out-of-court wind-down” he was telling the truth, lying and expressing optimism.


In that order!


The following day Kelly-Moore did cease operations, allowing the statement’s only truth–though there was nothing orderly about it. 


As for Gassenheimer's optimism for an "out of court" wind down, I suspect he'll learn in short order that that's not up to him.


Disorderly Conduct


In Kelly-Moore’s final moments store managers were instructed via email to post a note on the door stating the company was closed without further explanation, before walking out for the final time.


Behind the locked doors of Kelly-Moore’s 157 paint stores were paid customer orders no longer accessible to the customers who paid for them, in the Hurst plant paint was left in the fill lines and tanks.


None of which strikes me as orderly.


THE Kelly-Moore employees I’m in touch with continue to wait for reimbursements, commissions and earned bonuses to be paid with many complaining of misleading responses or ghosting from what’s left of Gassenheimer’s Gang in the corporate headquarters.

Which is only part of an orderly wind down if this was Gassenheimer's plan all along!


In the ashes of Kelly-Moore, paint manufacturers and retailers move with velocity to hire sales reps and store managers in a bid to gain share.  Overwhelmed by requests to help make those connections I created a list of all jobs I knew were available with the contact information of the hiring manager.


Making me paint's only Kardashian!  

The pace of events continues to disrupt my regular schedule which leaves me little time for more detail or a new podcast episode.

But both of those are coming! 


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