Don't Get Caught In The Rain!

Updated: May 23, 2019

Lying in bed the other night, just about dozing off I heard “Oh no!” from my fiancée’s side of the bed.

“Everything ok” I asked? Hoping she was talking in her sleep!

“I think I just started your next column!”

In our house, that’s code for “I did something really stupid and I know you’re going to tell the whole paint world about it.”

By way of background: my fiancée Guy had been complaining for a week or so about the quality of the prognosticating on the Weather Channel app. She checks it nightly so she knows how to dress the next day. For a week she’s been coming home after work; bitching. Because the Weather Channel app got the weather SO wrong, she: “was too cold, ruined her good leather shoes, didn’t have an umbrella” or had been victimized by some other weather related aggression.

Turns out, that if Guy had spent the last week in London, she would have been perfectly dressed each day! No shoes ruined with the umbrella always just an arms reach away!

I shouldn’t make fun; we all make mistakes! Trying to throw her a lifeline: we WERE in London last month (does that help?). But since Guy is the “single-index finger typing” technological laughingstock of the family, dressing for rainy and 50 degrees for a week when it was sunny and 80 here in Stamford, CT only adds to the legend!

Fortunately, I work mostly from home these days and my regular outfit is pajamas till noon and t-shirt with a baseball cap after lunch! So for those worried: none of my clothes were ruined in the making of this blog post!

Today in addition to this blog post, I uploaded a new podcast. Independent paint retailers are hearing all the time from the manufacturers we deal with, that the professional painter is an important part of the future of the independent dealer channel. I tend to agree with that assessment. They’re generally local to us, smaller businesses that are easier for retailers to connect with and while they do require SOME investment on a dealer’s part to service them, it’s not so much that it’s a barrier to entry into that space.

But just wanting to sell to painters will not get the job done and hope is never a strategy. If you want to sell to professional painters, you have to know what they want!

That’s where Mitch Berliner comes in! Mitch is the owner of a local Certa-Pro franchise. More than just a paint purchaser, Mitch impresses me with his level of study into the important topics that effect his business. When he told me he could help dealers understand what it takes to attract the attention of a painting contractor, I knew he could!