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Get Some Sleep!

Rock and roll legend Steve Miller landed his big-old Jet Airliner in Connecticut last weekend; the Gangster of Love performing a rapturous set Saturday night at the sold-out Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in nearby Bridgeport, Connecticut.

“The Amp” is one of only two reasons to countenance the 19-mile stretch of 95 laying between Stamford and Bridgeport. Bridgeport more known for its crime scenes than music scene, though the newly minted amphitheater and its powerful summer lineup looks to change that.

Taught to play the electric guitar at age four by the man who had invented it, Miller has used the ensuing eight-decades to perfect his talent. His sound now so distinct Miller needed more than 10 guitars to create it during the 16-song set.

Leading off with his hits Swingtown and Fly Like and Eagle Miller pulled the audience in with his first sounds, the excitement only building from there.

By the third song, Miller’s 1977 hit Jet Airliner, the crowd was fully committed roaring its appreciation responsively as the rock icon sang the lyrics “Touchin' down in New England town” to the assembled namesakes.

Miller ended the show with his superfecta of hits: Jungle Love, Take the Money and Run, the Joker and Rock’n Me–the last two of which were played as an encore.

His repertoire of hits as fresh today as it was when the guitar hero released them more than 50-years ago and guitar skills which rival the genre's best contributed to an outstanding night of music. If you get THE chance, Steve Miller should not be missed.

In THE News!

On my podcast this week was news and analysis of the paint industry’s performance so-far this year.

And, the one about Sherwin-Williams chief executive John Morikis getting caught stretching THE truth!

The planet’s largest paint maker continues to struggle with the company reporting a first quarter sales increase of just 8.9% as compared to the same quarter in 2022. That amount likely lower than the cumulative effect of price increases the company has implemented over that span.

That poor performance in-line with the company’s own expectations.

On the webcast earnings announcement chief executive John Morikis continued his strategy of obfuscating THE truth by beginning his remarks by applauding his company’s “strong performance” during the fiscal quarter.

Morikis further adding that the increase was, “driven by strong volume.”

Though the company’s results don't support those assertions!

Get Some Sleep!

You could assume that the incessant rantings of a mostly-retired paint blogger would be of little concern to executives in Cleveland. THE elephant has little regard for the fly!

But recently I’ve unearthed evidence that John Morikis may not only be interested in what I say here, it may be keeping him up at night!

You can watch THE episode, the best 13-minutes in paint, on my own site or on my YouTube channel.

If listening is more your thing you can do it on my own site, Soundcloud, Spotify and Amazon.


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