Houston, We Have a Problem!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

You know that scene in the movies: the pilot dies and a passenger needs to land the plane. Over the radio a retired pilot who’s been rushed into the tower assures the pilot nee passenger, “We can get you down!”

I spent this weekend with my fiancée’s family at a lake house we had rented. Fifteen Italians and a Jew walk into a lake house…...there’s a joke in there somewhere.

Theses guys are a family-loving bloggers dreams come true: They’re both loving AND entertaining!

THIS story is NOT about how loving they are!

I’ll have to skip a lot of the background or we’ll be here all day. In a nutshell: they ALL spent all weekend trying to prank each other and right at the moment that a water balloon was supposed to hit a knife and dump water onto Dune’s (pronounced Dunie) hair, Anthony’s knee went through the wall. A failure caused by over-engineering!

Sadly, no one was taking any video.

This family is a pretty bright bunch or at least I considered them that until this weekend. The two patriarchs, both engineers with talents more suited to putting an addition on the back than touching-up this wall, sprang into action!

In an attempt to salvage the security deposit, they decided to make a repair. It wasn’t a bad plan actually, it wasn’t THAT big of a hole. I put on my PaintMan superhero cape and made them a list of what they’d need: a 4x4 fiberglass patch, a half-pint of spackle and a quart of eggshell to match the wall.

Not that anyone was listening to me!

When they returned from (what turned out to be their FIRST) run to Lowe’s (which, impressively was opened at 9PM on Labor Day) they had a bag of plaster, a bucket of joint compound some Bondo and two cans of Rustoleum oil-based high-gloss spray paint which I was pretty sure they had NOT used to paint this house originally. Were they fixing this wall or repairing a fender?

Their plan was to remove the paper from the damaged sheetrock, patch the hole and then glue the painted paper from Sheetrock back up onto the wall. I’m still not quite sure what the Rustoleum sprays were for and I didn’t see any glue there! Not to mention: it wasn’t a good plan.