I Did it Myyyyyyy Waaaaaaaay!

Due to its proximity to New York City, Americans tend to think of Connecticut as just a suburb of the Big Apple.

Not New York. But almost!

It’s true that if you live anywhere in THE Nutmeg state, you can drive to New York City in three-hours or less. But to Connecticuters, proximity does not equal identity.

When I moved to Connecticut two-years ago, I was aware that Connecticut is part of New England. And if I had any uncertainty about that, I could have looked it up on Tik Tok!

What I was not aware of until I moved across the border from New York was just how “not-New York” Connecticut’s 3.5 million people are. As you saw in the Tik Tok above: Connecticuters are in-touch with their inner New Englander.

And they wear Red Sox and Patriots swag to prove it!

So on Monday as I prepared to drive the two-hours from Stamford to Stafford, Connecticut, near the Massachusetts border, I made sure to be dressed appropriately.

I didn’t want anybody thinking I was one of them!

Before pulling the top down on my Jeep, I called my friend Zach and asked for his advice in putting together my play list for the day. I knew he had nothing to do at the time. His wife was not scheduled to deliver their third child for at-least another hour!

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