I Hate Winter!

I got my drone stuck in a tree on Friday. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. It would be more accurate to say that I got my SECOND drone stuck in a tree on Friday.

For Christmas this year, my daughter fanned a flame inside me that I had no idea was even an ember: she got me my first drone! I took the drone out of the box and did a (very) fast read of the instruction book. I had seen birds fly and have also at-times been accused of “droning on” while speaking and so I felt like I was already a master drone pilot.

As I watched my new toy get caught in a gust of wind and sail to the next town over, I learned a valuable lesson about altitude and the effects of wind speed on tiny kite-like toys. Not something the paint business had ever taught me!

I had owned it about two weeks. With that experience though, I felt like I had learned enough to control the skies above Memorial Park, so I ordered a replacement.

As it turns out, losing a second drone is far easier and takes far less time than losing the first. When my replacement (drone # 3) comes, I think I’m just going to save myself a trip to the park and just enjoy looking at it for a few days and then throw it in the trash.

My fiancée was sure she could get drone # 2 back. “You know which tree it’s in right?” she asked. I did! “Well, then we should be able to get it back!”

Like I had learned to do with my dog, I rewarded my fiancee’s enthusiasm and confidence with a trip to the park. Looking up the better part of 100 feet into a tree, which was otherwise limbless for the first 50 feet, I pointed to the drone (see picture). I wish I were a good enough writer to accurately describe the hilarity of the next 15 minutes standing under that tree.

Eventually, the full weight of the futility struck her! Me too! I found myself thinking about the paint business in winter, and futility. Both drones were lost on days that I should have otherwise been at work. But this time of year, there IS no work. And so I lost two drones because of the futility of winter as a paint retailer.

My name is Mark, and I’m a paint dealer. And I HATE winter!

My father hated winter too! His winters were worse than mine. He was a single store operator who managed the store himself so like many of you: if the store were opened, he had to work. I get a little bit of a break because at least I have my writing and consulting which keeps me busier than dad was.

But still, I’m mostly a paint dealer and so winter sucks!