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I Saw it on Tik Tok!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

On a video chat recently my daughter Buck Wheat wanted to give me a first glance at her "plans" for the summer.

Thankfully, I was already sitting.

Because I knew that this was going to take longer than I would care to stand for. A year of planning takes time to unfold!

Summer last year was intended to be “Buck’s Big Adventure.” A celebration of the effort she made in becoming a graduate of THE Ohio State University.

But like it did for the rest of us, the Covid-19 virus laid waste to her plans.

With the lease on her one-bedroom apartment in Austin, Texas, ending in May, I knew this moment was coming.

Thankfully, she had that year of consideration.

“I’m going to drive around the country" she said. "Like, just drive around all day for three-months."

I explained the costs of going 10,000 miles over the lease, which she filed under future problems.

“I’ll sleep in the car most nights” she continued. “Like this girl I follow on Tik Tok."

That took her a year?

Happy Anniversary

My life first felt the effects of the coronavirus in March of last year when my fiancée, THE Lady Guy, cancelled her plans to join me at the AllPro show in San Antonio, Texas.

One-year later, the independent paint dealer members of AllPro cooperative gathered virtually, for the first of their bi-annual shows.

Meaning that for the second time since the pandemic’s onset AllPro brought its members and vendors together to conduct business, in a digital environment. From March 9-12, members are “meeting” with vendors or the AllPro professional staff in a smooth functioning and easy to navigate browser-based experience.

Business goes on!

But I still miss my friends!


I've already added following the Yankees to my morning routine!


There is light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to having a beer with you one of these days. At least we should be able to see the Yankees play in the stadium!



And Barb and I miss you and Gaetana as well 🙄

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