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I’ve Gone International!

One of the coolest features of blogging versus writing in a magazine is all the data I can get! For example, where YOU are all located!

When I wrote for the The Paint Dealer magazine the only data I ever received was “we sent out 15,000 copies!” The closest I got to knowing if I had any international readers was once when my mother said “I read your column on the plane!”

This week Guy and I are on vacation. A little reward to us for the effort we had to put in selling my stores. But I still noticed that I gained a new follower- FROM THAILAND! More than 8500 miles from home!

I’m international!

I hope that they find the blog a useful tool for understanding the life of an independent retailer and the world of paint.

But that will all have to wait!

At the moment it’s 9 AM in Lisbon and Guy and I are just waking up to start our day. Behind us are four days in London with three more here in Lisbon before we return home this weekend.

So I hope you’ll forgive me for taking the week off and I look forward to getting back to sharing stories from the darkly-painted corners of my brain next week!

In the mean time, here are some pictures from along our way: fish & chips (three times in four days), Cuban cigars (was there any doubt?), the Roman Baths, flaming chorizo (it tasted as good as “flaming chorizo” should), High Tea at Kensington Palace and The Lisbon street cars!

Back to paint in a week!



Mark and Guy enjoy Lisbon! We were there less than a month ago. Best restaurant we ate supper was at Solar Dos Presuntos . You will take many pics for your daughter. You probably will need reservations. Happy retirement!


Keep enjoying the rest of the vacation. Lovely photos. Enjoy!

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