I Wanted to Leave More Than a Stone!

Updated: 3 days ago

They say you don’t know, what you don’t know.

And it’s hard to argue with that logic!

I knew this transitional time I’m experiencing now would be one of great reflection; it has been! What I didn't expect were some of the emotions I would be forced to deal with.

I’m writing a lot these days. Nightly, I find myself alone on the front porch with just a cigar and an iPhone: and a lot on my mind. It’s getting cooler here in the Northeast. A Yankee hoodie and a good lighter are needed to make the night comfortible. During the summer, the neighborhood kids playing were the soundtrack of my front porch. Homework and fall’s early darkness brings only the sounds of the crickets!

I’m not blogging daily but I am writing enough that I could be! Sorry, I can't share it ALL with you! I’m allowed a few secrets I hope? But I do plan on adding a few extra blogs over these next few weeks while I have so much going on! They help me and it seems you guys are reading along.

On my porch at this moment I am eight days from closing on the sale of my stores. though as you read this, I may be closer! My friends and family are calling and texting often, expressing their excitement and sharing stories of Lipton’s past! I am no longer free to rag about my family and friends because they’re all reading along now, shit! I’m getting a lot of email and texts from readers I don’t know. It’s a whirlwind (and I love it so please keep writing and texting and telling me how I'm doing here)!

Excitement though gets mixed with doubt as I ponder the wisdom of disconnecting myself from one of the strongest connections of my life.

Selling a paint store or two is a hassle. Logistically, there are a lot of issues: cars, trucks, leases, paint, employees, machines (valueless but still they have to be listed) and even the cash in the till has to be accounted for.

I've got post-it's EVERYWHERE!

I’ve got an outside inspection job ending. I wonder if I’ll be able to continue to do these next year? I’ve made some very big commitments for that time already.

But I love the outdoor work and I worry.