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If There's a Bustle in Your Hedgerow...

Monday holidays always seem to come at just the right time!

With a consulting gig, an inspection gig and THE Revolution e-commerce all in full-swing, this Labor Day was no exception!

Labor Day as a national holiday originated in the 1894. Labor Day was originally intended as a celebration of labor and the labor movement in the United States. While the labor movement may be in our national rearview mirror, Labor Day remains a: “yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

While I didn’t expect national holiday in honor of my recent laborious workload, I do plan on taking advantage of summer’s last days by avoiding anything which looks like laboring this weekend!

With Chris out working on his gaming skills with his soon-to-be-roommates and Buck at her mother’s, Guy and I discovered a bit of what our lives will be like in three-weeks when the kids move out.

I think we will be ok!

Yesterday, we ripped the top off my Jeep and headed north from Stamford into Western Connecticut. We forswore the highways and stuck to the meandering roads which pass through diminutive New England towns which speckle the map of this area. We were looking for both a good place to fly my drone and a buy a fresh pie, which the farms of the Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut are known for this time of year.

Ending up in the Roxbury Falls, CT area, I flew for over an hour with little more to show for my labors than this picture of the New Milford Bridge. I blamed my drone for its failure to create the sort of quality images I was hoping for, but Guy says it’s not the drone!

She may be right! It could be the remote control!

On our way, we stopped at Silverman’s Farm: known for apple picking and fresh-baked pies!

The state of Connecticut doesn’t trust me to stay more than six-feet away from the next group of apple-pickers so we couldn’t pick our own this year, as we usually would. Gravity of-course makes apple picking strictly for pleasure and so we bought a ½ bushel of the fruit of someone else’s labor and this morning I turned them into my famous homemade apple sauce.

Famous among the Lipton's at-least!

While at Silverman’s we noticed that the cherry, pumpkin and pecan pies were all steaming up their boxes: THE sign of freshness! It was the first time I audibly cursed Guy’s tree-nut allergy!

Dejected, I settled on cherry.

No top-down weekend amble would be complete without the right music, and something for Guy to argue with me about! Wanting to take care of both needs at one time, I made a playlist for the ride and called it “Rock Anthems.” I passed the time singing (screaming) along with rock ‘n roll greatness, while Guy argued with me about whether or not each song met the definition of "rock anthem."

Seeing my list she asked, "Where's Billy Idol's "Cradle of Love?""

I suspect on the list of songs which are NOT rock anthems!

As a child of the 70's, of course my rock anthem selection was on-point! Here’s my playlist, shoot me a text and let me know how I did!

I’ll be back to work with a blog (and maybe even a new podcast!) on Thursday as usual.

Until then, enjoy the long weekend and thank you for reading.



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