Into The Woods!

My daughter is from that generation: The one where all needs their are met and problems all solved by pressing a button! They have no need to wonder, ponder nor figure out anything, because Siri or Alexa are there to answer every question.

So when she called me Friday afternoon and told me that she had a flat tire, I was sure our Father’s Day weekend camping trip was cancelled. “Siri change my tire” was not a recognized command and I didn’t believe that my daughter was going to be able to figure this out on her own.

I should have been a more confident parent!

I asked her what her plan was. “Well, I’m at a gas station now and I put money in the machine to put the air in, and I’ve got the cap off the valve stem (ok….she said “air thingy” but a father can edit a bit).”

I was impressed! If you had asked me 5 minutes earlier whether or not she can refill a flat tire I would have put her car-knowledge at the “I put the key in and it goes!” level.

I was thrilled that she was safe of course and happy that our camping weekend would not be cancelled.

We LOVE our time camping. Miranda (Buck Wheat as I currently call her) and I have been disappearing into the woods every summer since she was around five (she’s 21 now). Hiking, canoeing, fresh air, drinking water from natural springs, building the camp and fire: We love it all!

For me, my favorite time is at night by the fire. Something about the flames or the peace or both that always leads to our best conversations. From the tears in kindergarten after Matthew called her “Pickle-Face” to the tears junior year in college when some other “Matthew” didn’t call her at all, something about that time by the fire gets us talking!

This weekend was no exception.

I guess the boys in her life have been showing appropriate interest because we did not spend all our time talking about them. What came out of that void was a really adult conversation about decision-making.

Not surprisingly, I learned that decision-making is a different process for an adult man than it is for an “almost-adult" girl! My daughter doesn’t so much make decisions as she just reacts to whatever she sees right in front of her. Many will say (as SHE did), that that IS decision-making.

I don’t agree.

Think of your life as a highway. Imagine how easy it would be to get everywhere if your car was the only car on the road! You could go as fast as you like and you’d never have to honk your horn while thinking (or shouting): “What an idiot that dude is!” On some of the straighter roads, you could even get some sleep!