It's Better to be the Fox!

My office window at home faces the front of the house. So, when I’m at home writing I get to see all the excitement that the streets of Stamford can offer. If you look closely at the picture below, you can even see my neighbor Fred taking out his trash.

I’ll admit, not every day is THAT! Fred only takes out his trash on Tuesdays!

But the excitement in Fred’s yard isn’t all reserved for garbage day. One time recently my eyes wondered to Fred’s lawn and caught site of a bunny looking for a meal or at least a snack.

Who doesn’t like bunnies?

But this rabbit’s foot was not to be lucky today! While I was staring thinking “HOW CUTE,” a fox came out from behind the tree.

He wasn't thinking "cute bunny!".

It was merciful! As I watched the fox drag the limp rabbit into the brush behind Fred’s house, I remembered how winters as a paint dealer made me feel like that rabbit: limp and ready to be dragged off.

As a paint dealer I never got used to how slow my stores were during New York winters. I always felt like that rabbit; and winter was the fox! In a typical February at my two New York stores, volume would be half of what we did between April and November.

And don’t even get me started talking about the week between Christmas and New Years! My yearly dose of stress.

But this year I suffered none of that anxiety. With my stores selling in October, my final days as a paint dealer were also among my busiest.

I miss certain aspects of my life as a paint dealer. I miss my customers and coworkers. And I miss being in charge! But I don’t miss the dead of winter nor the register totals that sometimes didn’t need a comma!

But winter will end as it always does and so dealers reading this are preparing their stores for the spring. I’ve been preparing something as well: I am almost ready to post my new podcast series and Instagram page for Benjamin Moore retailers.