It's Buck Wheat. TWO Words!

Signing a lease for an apartment in Austin, Texas, is not assurance that my daughter Buck Wheat is definitely moving out. But it certainly affects the odds! And so it seems that our baby is ready to leave the nest.

NOW what am I going to write about?

Luckily, at 22 Buck is done losing her teeth! I'm not sure that the tooth-fairy would be able to make it to Austin and back to Stamford in one night. I hope she knows that the bed-making, bathroom-cleaning, dinner-cooking and laundry-doing fairies are going to have the same issue!!

This ought to be interesting!

Some of you have met Buck. For years, she’s attended Allpro shows and NHS with me. Buck either loves a good time or is a certified paint geek; in this family both are possible! But despite the paint “creds,” Buck mostly remains mostly just a name on the page for most of you.

Until now!

It was time to make a podcast about my e-commerce project for independent paint retailers, The Revolution and I needed a co-host or guest who could help me get to the meat of the issues of what this system can do for paint dealers. Who could be better to than the Buck?

Only, she didn’t want to do it.

I tried everything! Including a rehashing of how much I just paid for her journalism degree while asking “don’t journalists make podcasts?”

When that didn’t work, I tried something every parent’s tried-and-true method for offspring compliance: Cash! Apartments in Austin need furniture and so I figured I was golden!

On to “Plan C.”<