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Knocked My Socks Off!

At least three times a night someone texts or tells me that they are going to sleep. Maybe I am enjoying this work-from-home thing just a bit too much!

Of course, no matter how late I stay up, my daughter Buck Wheat stays up later. Yesterday, while trying to enjoy a cigar and some late-night quiet on the patio, Buck regaled me with tales of all the possessions she’s disposing of! With a move to Texas planned as soon as the pandemic allows, Buck is getting ready. By getting ready, what I mean is that Buck is going through all her possessions and donating or selling them all for pennies. This is all the shit she told me she HAD to have, for full-price, over her four-years in Columbus.

At first, she claimed she was becoming a minimalist. But when I explained to her what a minimalist was, we agreed that what she was really doing was just making space so that she could buy more stuff when she got to Texas!

But like always, Buck gets me thinking!

Our conversation left me wondering: What do I have laying around which I will never use again, that can be disposed of or donated? The answer became immediately clear.

Dress Socks!

When I worked in my stores, I wore shoes every day and the same was true for my brief stint at the Montvale HQ of Benjamin Moore. That’s instead of sneakers by the way….barefoot is not a great option for a man with two webbed toes!

But now that I am forever to remain a WFH (that’s work from home for those less cool than me), I rarely have a reason to put actual shoes on. And it doesn’t look like I ever will again, at least with any regularity! And so finding inspiration in Buck’s actions, I am disposing of (almost) all of my dress socks!

The days of oppression are over!

While it has nothing to do with dress socks, I dropped another episode of the “Mark, My Words” podcast this morning. Lexington, the web site and e-commerce package for independent paint retailers looking to grow their business is HERE! I am really excited to share the details and so with me on this episode is Guy Finley. Without Guy’s marketing and web site building prowess, Lexington would be just an idea! Instead it’s a dynamic platform designed to grow your business. And so, you want to listen to what Guy has to say.

Lexington is not designed to handle the transactions of your existing customers who are looking to do business with you online; though it does that extremely well! Lexington is designed to grow your business by exposing you to larger markets and showing those buying paint in your current market that YOUR store, or your store online, is THE place to shop for all that you sell.

After you listen to this episode, there are two other places you can go to to get some more information about the Lexington package. You can go to the Lexington web site here and look around. Leave your name and I’ll reach out to you and answer any questions you may be left with.

Or you can join our Zoom meeting today, August 13, 2020 at 6:30 PM eastern time. You can find that meeting here.

No shoes-or-socks-required!

Listen on my site, Soundcloud, Apple, Blubrry and Stitcher.


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