Ladies & Gentlemen....THE Bifana!

The more I think about it, the more strongly I feel that my life would be much better if I had been born with a trust fund!

So, because of my father’s failure to get good and rich, I have go back to work this week!

Going back to work after vacation hard enough! Having to start a new career after vacation is a whole new level of unnerving.


Lisbon was transcendent: “ beyond the normal physical level.” ( with the assist). I have been really fortunate in the number of great cities I have experienced. Lisbon makes them all jealous! Every corner a visual gift. Every road and sidewalk is made from hand-laid limestone tiles no more than a few inches in size. The entire city is a mosaic.

The moment I saw it, I felt like I wanted to write.

But I was on vacation, from writing too and so I didn’t. Besides, who had time for that? We were there to give our heads a rest and to let our hearts take over for a few days.

And Lisbon is all heart.

After four days in London we spent much of the next four days eating, drinking walking and riding the tram around this jewel. We took countless pictures, though I doubt we’ll need them. The city displays an imagery that commits itself to your memory: as clearly as a picture can. The tastes of the “pastels de nata” and the “bifana” are forever on our tongues wish-list!

In an awkward irony, I ended up sending my daughter pictures of everything we ate!

We have already started thinking and talking about getting back to Lisbon, next time for much longer so I can find time to write! I could burn out the keyboard on a Macbook in a city like Lisbon; there was inspiration everywhere.

All that typing would be done while Guy was out reconnecting with her European genetics. Born in Italy, she felt an immediate connection to the near-ancient Lisbon.