Letter....I Get letters.....

Well.....emails anyway!

If you're writing for a broad enough audience, it’s impossible to make everyone happy. I may have already known that, but in-case I forgot; I had the lesson reinforced for me this week!

My plan was to take the two-weeks around the Christmas and the New Year and not do any serious writing about paint or the paint companies! Two weeks-just me and you; and a peek into my private life. Two weeks became three, I was not ready to get back to work! Everyone needs a break even if it’s just from walking upstairs in your pajamas and writing all day!

I’ll admit, I was wondering if it was too much private and not enough paint. And I thought that the first email I got after my last blog posted had my answer:

“You need to get relevant pretty soon!” said the writer.

Well, it’s never too early to get relevant so I appreciated the advice!

One of the nice things about having a blog though, is that I get the last word! So while I DO agree, it’s time to get back to work; I do get to share that my emails on that topic were 3:1 for more of my private life!

So, like the Terminator: I’ll be back!

If it looks like I’ve been taking time off, that’s just an illusion anyway. In-fact I’m busier now than I’ve been in quite a while!

And it’s time to share some what has been keeping me so busy!

On November 8 2019, I began working for Benjamin Moore as a consultant. At that time, CEO Dan Calkins asked me to help them communicate in a more robust way with their dealers while helping to make it easier for their dealers to communicate back with them. He expressed at that time that he liked my work reaching dealers on social media and through my podcasting and so we agreed that the project should include efforts in both of those areas.

Since that time, I’ve been working hard to develop a full-season of podcasting content specifically for Benjamin Moore retailers.