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May I Have a Word with You?

On January 6th of 2023 I emailed the new CEO of Kelly-Moore Paints Charles Gassenheimer congratulating him on his acquisition; months earlier Gassenheimer’s employer the Flacks Group had acquired Kelly-Moore and placed Gassenheimer at the helm of the formerly employee-owned paint maker.


That email began a relationship with Kelly-Moore and mister Gassenheimer which lasted just five weeks ending abruptly, while recording a podcast! 


Which you’ll get to see– soon enough!  

In the coming months I plan to pull back the curtain my dealings with Charles Gassenheimer, which I had always planned to do when the time became right. Because after 30-minutes with then man, I knew this day was coming.


For THE Impatient!


Processing more than 99,000 search queries each second Google, is the first choice for nearly everyone looking to learn–nearly anything, though often those queries don’t lead to relevant results!


Which Google claims is not their fault!


If you Google my name, and you’ll learn that THE search engine does not prioritize retired paint dealers very highly in the pantheons of Mark Lipton’s.  THE achievements of Mark Lipton cardiologist and Mark Lipton professor makes finding a former paint dealer a challenge for Google.


Though I think the professor has met Charles Gassenheimer!  


Meaning that if you want to learn about me and plan to use Google to do your research, you’ll need one more search term. An extra word to separate me from the pack of Mark Lipton's and allows Google to make their results more relevant. 

For example, “Mark Lipton Paint.


I'm aware that many reading this are new to these pages; in less than a week the #KellyMoore debacle has increased my blog and LinkedIn traffic by a significant order of magnitude.

Thank you all for coming here; I'm not planning on wasting your time.

If you're new here and wondering "Who THE hell is Mark Lipton?" my about me page is a good place to start.

Those more curious may take to Google–where without more detail I'll remain anonymous, unfindable amongst the higher performing Mark Lipton's! It's only by adding context and searching Mark Lipton Katonah and Mark Lipton Score when Google can return more relevant results.

May I Have a Word with You?


Earlier this week I was contacted by a Kelly-Moore employee impacted by the week's events. Searching for answers they spent hours Googling Charles Gassenheimer certain that he had "done this before."

But Google kept Charles' past a secret, most likely at the cost of tens of thousands to Gassenheimer, who is otherwise known for unethical and illegal behavior.

Which Google will help you find, if you add a little context.












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