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May THE Force be With You!

Last week while speaking with a paint dealer in Texas, he referred to me as a "Jedi.”

Of paint!

A Jedi; a devotee of the ways of the Jedi Order and protector of the galaxy are known to fans of the Star Wars series as the keepers, of the intergalactic peace!

And for their abilities to control the power of THE Force!

Whether you are Luke Skywalker controlling the Force’s of light, or a master of the Dark side, as was Luke's father Darth Vader. Your ability to control THE Force is the mark of the Jedi, and says something about your level of commitment.

So I'll take the compliment.

One of the benefits of being a Jedi of course is you get to own a lightsaber; the laser-sword made of pure plasma which a Jedi uses to defend the light. From the dark.

The tip of the spear in the fight of good versus evil, lightsabers may come in handy for paint dealers too. If they can save a universe in 90-minutes on the big screen, they can certainly blend a clear-base faster than a new gyroscopic mixer!

With no paint store to my name, my days of waiting for a gallon of 549-4X to finish spinning are behind me. And I doubt that my fiancée Gaetana would let me use it in the house. Limiting my access to weapons made of light makes my Guy my galactic foil!

And smart!

In the 57-years I have spent wondering the galaxy, the most powerful light I have been able to control to this point is the spectro on a Color Reader!

While not busy fighting evil and darkness, I have been busy fighting to reach the finish line for my web and e-commerce sites for independent paint dealers, THE Revolution. With four sites currently live:,, and and two more ready to go after a final nod from the owners, my work on the original sites of THE Revolution is entering its next stage.

On the sites themselves there is still some work to do. There always will be. I am already working on version 2! Some sites are waiting to have more product lines uploaded.

Simple work for a seasoned e-commerce executive and Jedi.

The hard work of building the architecture, uploading the databases, sorting the pages, making the delivery options work, checking every link, developing the punch lists, and repairing those items and finally, handing the sites over to their owners, is nearly ended.

With dealers doing more on their own sites (with support from my Youtube channel) I have been able to focus some energies on helping dealers develop strategies to help these sites become successes.

Digital Marketing

Before taking money to build a site, I shared with all six of THE original Revolutionaries my view that building these sites without a plan to market them locally, digitally, was akin to building a new store; and refusing to unlock the door!

I'm confident that all six dealers are planning to support their new sites with new digital marketing efforts. But while five of the original six dealers are putting together their plans, it will be Todd Zigelbaum of Town Line Paint who will be the first to test the theory!

Trading texts with Todd recently he shared this one.

I like Todd's thinking!

It was my job to put up a web site. A marketing tool which could be used to tell paint consumers in the Greater Malden are that Todd Zigelbaum had something to say.

It's Todd's job to say it!

May THE Force be with him.


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