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Monday: One. Lipton: Nothing!

I love making fun of my family-and for good reason! With my fiancée Guy, I often feel like I’m the only person in the audience for a “one-woman” show on Broadway!

But who says that a village can’t have TWO idiots?

Monday, I was baking some chicken thighs in a cast iron skillet (HIGHLY suggested btw, but this is NOT turning into a cooking blog): 400 degrees till they’re done.

Guy came home and pulled me from my desk fast to go see her brother for pizza night. I was 2 slices in when I said out loud, “I think I left the chicken in the oven!”


There’s a picture for you below. Now, I can keep this post short since that picture just saved me 1000 words!

This week, starring in the role of the hydrant…… yours truly!

I think it’s just going to take the passing of time before I live this one down!

Speaking of time, June marks my roughly six-month anniversary as a podcaster and blogger and I wanted to share some of what I’m up to.

It seems that a great (for me!) number of people are reading along with you these days: over 100,000 total reads, views and listens in just the last THREE months! Who knew there were so many paint geeks out there? Maybe I should change my name to Kardashian and try to sell you all some lipstick?

The podcasts as well as the videos I’ve been making for LinkedIn are a blast to put together; but it’s the writing that I’m enjoying the most. A writer wants nothing more than to be read and so I want to again express how grateful I am to have established this connection with each of you. Your time is precious and interests varied: I’m glad I made the cut!

All this writing, podcasting and video-making has me thinking and speaking about paint and independent retailers all the time! Unless you LOVE those topics as well, I suspect talking to me these days is pretty boring!

I’ve been working on some new podcast episodes this past week. All previous episodes of the “Mark, My Words!” podcast are up now up on SoundCloud and in the Apple Podcast Store. Here’s a link to both depending on your preference:


Please, click or copy and paste the link of your choosing into a web browser and subscribe! I’m really proud of the work that I've got in process that I will be putting out in the coming months and I think you’ll enjoy the listening. If you like it, please subscribe, rate and review it! I’d love to hear what you have to say.

If you don’t like it, I’m sorry we missed our “love connection” but I’d love to know why? I am always trying to improve my content and your feedback is the greatest resource I have in doing that.

Many of you are following along on LinkedIn and Facebook. The content on those platforms is different from what you read here on my blog; though of course the topic is ALWAYS independent retailer centered. Searching “Mark Lipton Paint” in the search bar on LinkedIn or Facebook brings you to my door! Lets connect and I’ll keep sharing there! That content is shorter format and faster engagement but still packed with valuable information for independent retailers and all who toil in that channel. And while you’re there: like and comment!

My stores are busy now: I know yours are as well. A strong economy and low interest rates makes for a good time for independent retailers! Shopping locally as a trend continues to rise and it’s great to see and hear about so much success among the independent dealer network.

If you’re busy, paint manufacturers know it and are busy themselves. In my next podcast episode, you’re going to hear from some really interesting paint companies: It’s likely that most of you have never even heard of the companies I’m referring to.

It’s no trick to interview the big boys! And anyway, I do have more of that planned! But for my next episode I have found what I feel are some of the more interesting stories in the paint business: niche companies, in unique spaces. Single product or single feature manufacturers, the oldest varnish manufacturer in the United States a company that makes coatings only for glass and more! I'll have it up by next week.


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I bet you won't do that again!

Happy that folks are finding you !! You are very funny and you do know a lot about the paint business!

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