Now THAT'S Job Security!

My fiancé Guy and I are a good couple; we love spending time together.

For reasons known only to our biology and experiences she is the shellac primer to my knotty-pine: The only thing with even a chance of success!!

A fine catch for a man who wrote “tolerance” under the question: “What characteristics are most important for you to find in a partner?” on my profile.

Still though, despite the similar interests, great conversation and connection, we enjoy a little space every now-and-again. I shared with you recently that Guy spent a night in DC with her sister, leaving me alone at home.

I enjoyed the time alone.

Shhh….don’t tell Guy I said that! I don’t think she reads everything I write so I may get away with it. Anyway, even great couples need some time apart every now-and-again.

Except it seems for James and Mike.

Mike is the paint guru inside the Benjamin Moore corporate headquarters. That’s not his official title, though it could be! Talk about job security: the anointed paint-guru at a renowned paint company!

Last week I was sitting in Mike’s office learning why Benjamin Moore needs 300+ eggshells when James walked in and told me I was in his seat.

I thought it was just a case of the old-timers punking the rookie! Paint people can get wild you know!

Turns out that Mike and James share an office and I was literally sitting in James’ seat!

They spend the better part of everyday together in their office: making paint better. Unless they’re in charge of making it worse which I suppose is possible. But either way, they spend 8-10 hours of work per day sharing a 10x10 cell….uh…!

Which is why I was so surprised when I walked into the cafeteria and there were James and Mike: having lunch together!