Olive Oil and Toilet Paper!

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

I may have made fun of Guy for the amount of toilet paper and olive oil she bought in preparation of our two-weeks (or more) of home confinement, which we started this morning. Now that the doors of our house are locked to all outsiders and we don’t want to leave to reload our stockpiles, she tells me that I didn’t buy enough of either AND that I’m not allowed to use any of hers!

And this is day ONE! It‘s going to be a long quarantine!

But that’s ok, I’m not in this fight without resources-let’s see what she can do with all that olive oil without my chicken cutlets and bread crumbs!

Hopefully she learns that lesson before I learn a more disturbing one about the toilet paper!

I always felt it was important to laugh at the time you least want to! Like now!

I want to spend my time with you talking about specific plans that will help your business survive what is likely coming our collective ways. But first, since so many of us are in a family business, let’s talk family first.

I’m back in Stamford as you know, and Guy is here too. We have the house loaded up with food, sanitizer and yes.....plenty of toilet paper and olive oil!

We are comfortable and safe and I hope, while Guy prays, that you all are as well.

Guy’s sons are both in their respective apartments in New York. Chris, the younger is a gamer. I’m sure “Butternut” is thinking “I’m going to be lit on Fortnite when this shit is over!”

I believe he may be right!