She Got Flipped Off

My daughter Miranda, Buck Wheat for those who know, is part hippy.

Born in 1998, her own era never suited her. Having more in common with a flower-child of the 1970’s than she does with most of her millennial compatriots, Buck sees the romance of time gone by.

Posters and other artifacts of the past decorate THE Buck’s one-bedroom apartment in Austin, Texas. But little from the past gets more of Buck’s attention than music. With a taste for classic rock and a preference for vinyl, Buck spends much of her free time cruising the thrift shops of Austin. In search of a nostalgic tune, served on a platter.

I'm not sure where Buck's love for the past comes from. Having been raised in the 1970’s I have a decidedly less romantic view of the era than she does.

And I never understood the love for vinyl. "Why take up all the space on the shelves?" has always been my view. For $9.99 per month Apple Music will put every song ever published in your pocket. And much less effort when you move! At each transition, as vinyl became CD’s and CD’s became digital, I was an early adopter.

Go put a record on a turntable and say, “Hey Siri, change the song!” and you’ll understand my preference.

But, how the Buck takes in her music is up to THE Buck. However she listens, she’s got great taste! Here’s a sampling of what you can get for a Buck or $2 in the thrift shops of Austin.

I owned the two on the right myself, before vinyl lost the war. I never bought any Allman Brothers. I heard enough through the bedroom wall I shared with my sister, Marci.

Out With the New and In With the Old

Buying vinyl is not the only way a Buck can forswear modern life.