“The attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles, practices, or parties, as in philosophy or religion.”

I love learning new words.

My daughter Buck and I spend a lot of time on syncretisms. Buck is short for Buck Wheat in case you’re a new follower. My 22-year-old daughter and recent graduate of THE Ohio State University.

THE Buck!

Buck’s philosophy is simple: Fun, at all costs! And as long as its dad who is paying those costs, there is nothing to have a syncretism about!

But now college is over and there lies the problem! So, we try and reconcile her philosophy with a (slightly more realistic) philosophy which I proffer; a syncretism.

Doesn’t that sound cooler than “an argument?”

Independent paint dealers are dealing with a syncretism of their own these days.

Trends, which may have taken a decade to unfold in a more normal time, are moving at warp speed in the Covid era. I’m referring to what seem like the opposing philosophies of brick and mortar and e-commerce.

But a syncretism is a blending! Because of course, you need both!

Brick and mortar is not going anywhere. It’s the old way but it’s a good one! Buildings hold paint, paint color displays and paint experts in a centralized location and paint consumers come visit. That will continue to work!

At least for this who choose to consume in that way.

The problem is that the number of consumers who choose to shop without first checking online is shrinking.

Basically to zero, in a matter of months.