Taking My Last Cashews!

Walking around looking for a late-night snack this weekend, I bumped into Buck Wheat in the kitchen. For those who are new here, Buck is my 22-year-old enigma of a daughter. She has the heart of a minimalist, but can’t stop shopping! And the desire to be vegetarian.

But damn-it, bacon tastes good!

“Whatcha doin?” I asked, not even turning the light on.

“Packing!” She replied. While driving her eyes and fingertips to the bottom of the can of mixed nuts.

I guess she’s bringing those last few cashews with her when she moves to Texas?

Whether she takes the last of the cashews or not, the zippers on Buck’s suitcases are about to get a workout! You’ve heard about getting 10 pounds of shit into a five-pound bag? Buck needs to fit 20 pounds in!

She a crappy minimalist!

As she prepares for her move to Austin, TX our (far too late into the night) conversations tend to center on what will fit into Pam (the name she gave her car), what’s too heavy for Pam and most importantly: can she have my car because she likes it more than she likes Pam?

Even as she’s walking out the door, this kid is costing me money!

Like the zippers on her suitcases, I am getting a pretty good workout myself these days, though not at the gym! But since I consider speaking to dealers and answering their questions about my web site and e-commerce packages for independent paint retailers a workout, then I'm in the best shape of my life!

THE Revolution! Web sites and e-commerce for independent paint retailers.

Here’s a quote from a dealer who was sharing his thoughts about THE Revolution with me recently via text: “The programming and development features that you’re describing could make your e-commerce site unique and best in class.”

I agree! And reading that made my heart feel better than any hour at the gym could have done!