THE Extended Horizon

It’s not every day when I can say that I understand my fiancée, Gaetana.

In fact, it’s not even every week!

Recently, Guy commented about the number of items “personal” items I had on my shelf in the shower. “How many do you need?” may have been what she was thinking. But “You have more than I do!” is what she said that caught my attention!

The anti-dandruff shampoo is for the optimist in me. If my hair ever does grow back, I’ll be ready to keep it flake-free!

Recently, I had an opportunity to advise a board of directors on one of my favorite topics: Altitude!

I shared my view that boards which fly at too low of an altitude, who spend their time in the weeds of day-to-day corporate life, find themselves acting responsively to issues of the day. Rather than doing their jobs, which is to create their vision of tomorrow.

Of course, the altitude you need to do your job is dependent on the job! Soldiers in the fields see their enemies through binoculars. Generals look at satellite images!

The Dilemma

It is nearly universally accepted that dealers need web sites and e-commerce if they are going to continue to be a force in the market. As dealers engage in the process of researching and installing these sites, they are facing a difficult decision regarding databases and integration with the existing point-of-sale systems. Systems designed 30+ years ago on closed database architecture (systems where the database belongs to the application) which have gone relatively unchanged in that 30-years.

But the Database Belongs to You

You would be hard-pressed to find