There! I Spent Your Money for You

“Don’t you have enough Yankee swag?” she asked.

As I opened the package which held my reply!

The "she" I refer to of course is my fiancee Gaetana! The official laundress of THE Mark Lipton swag collection!

Post Covid

Independent paint dealers continue to face a myriad of challenges. A labor shortage which makes hiring difficult, is increasing the stress on already over-taxed paint dealers.

Shortages in materials caused by winter storms make matters worse, as dealers spend more time than they are accustomed to on issues related to procurement.

But winter storms in Texas are only partially to blame for the current shortages leaving fill rates at an all-time low. Extreme increases in demand shoulder as much of the blame for the problem as interruptions in the supply chain.

Dealers I speak with tell stories of inordinately busy counters, phones and web sites! web sites like the one I did recently for Andriot's Paint in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

While a screenshot dealer’s text message makes the point that the tinters are getting refilled more often these days, it says nothing of the macro forces at play in his stores, which are causing this activity at the counter. This dealer knows he’s busy. What he doesn't know is if he is having the same experience as other stores. Up 80% of course, he’s got little to worry about it would seem.

Unless the industry were to be up 100%. In which case he’s falling behind!

And, to dealers trying to make strategic decisions in one of these most complicated economic times, anecdotal evidence is no replacement for