You are, what you say you are!

As a paint dealer, I always struggled to describe my profession to someone who asked, “What do you do for a living?”

While I never held much admiration for lawyers, I’ve always admired how succinctly they were able to answer that question. “I’m a lawyer” is to the point. You could just say “lawyer!” And that would be enough! People would understand what you do.

Same for doctors, accountants and actors! Truck drivers too! Two words, but just as to the point!

To people from outside our niche, I never thought "paint dealer" was quick to the point. Like a drug dealer, without the legal issues? For most of my career, “I own two paint stores in THE city” served as my typical answer.

Long! But it answered the question!

“Paint retailer” comes closer I suppose, and is more easily understood. But that term didn’t join the lexicon until about a decade ago. I was already too indoctrinated to adopt a new moniker.

And now, since I sold my stores, I don’t even have paint dealer to use!

Monday, I had my first face-to-face meeting in quite a while. The women I met with knew my sparring partner Guy and while we were chatting the woman said “Guy tells me you’re a writer! What do you write?”

So I asked Guy not to tell anyone I’m a writer anymore. It’s doesn’t answer the question! went live as I’m writing this at 10 PM on Tuesday night.

This did not come as a surprise, but I had no problem generating excitement as if it had been one. It took 112-years of my family smelling like paint thinner to get here, so I forgave myself the fist pump and the “YES!”

Like the day I came back from down Love-5, Love 30, to beat Julian (insert French last name here bc I forgot) 7-5.