Ugly Fruit Has Feelings Too!

My daughter Buck Wheat, the one and only, wants to change the world. I think she might! Of-course, world changes are only considered after 12PM because anything which the world does before noon is of little concern to THE Buck!

One of her recent crusades is for ugly fruit and vegetables. It turns out, that millions of pounds of food gets disposed of each year in this country exclusively because it does not to conform to the standards for that item.

It’s ugly!

We are all so fortunate here in the United States. We can go into any local Stop ‘n Shop and all you see is beautiful fruits and vegetables. But every fruit and vegetable has a standard and woe is the farmer who’s foods don’t meet that standard. Americans expect their oranges orange, their pears pear-shaped and their peaches feeling like the cheek of a baby’s butt and not a truck driver after a four-day cross country haul. In-fact, if they don’t meet the visual standard consumers shy away and so farmers pull the ugly ones out as they sort.

And often dispose of them, which Buck finds woeful.

There are always exceptions. While I’m sure that the guy who found a tomato which looked like basketball great Larry Bird strutted out of the Piggly Wiggly happy with their fruit selection, generally there is not much of a market for ugly fruits and vegetables.

But Buck will buy it! And does, online from a purveyor of ugly fruits an veggies.

Buck loves an underdog.

We discovered recently that our home address in Stamford has a twin! Another house with the same number and street name as we have, only it's in Columbus, Ohio. How did we find out and why is that relevant? Because for three consecutive weeks, Buck has sent an order of ugly fruit and veggies to our address, but in Columbus, OH.

Then she waits for them to be delivered in Stamford.

YES! She SHOULD have discovered this before this family got their third order of carrots in the shape of hands, but that’s life with Buck!